Marion County Northeast Special Olympics parents and volunteers strongly believe in the abilities of our athletes; therefore, we actively advocate for opportunities that promote our athletes development, involvement, health, safety and personal well-being. In addition to the various sporting activities our program provides, our Athlete Leadership Program, nationally known as ALPs, provides unique opportunities for athletes to develop their leadership skills and knowledge.
Currently our ALPs Team consists of 15-20 athletes who serve as an Input Council for our program’s Executive Management Team (EMT). The ALPs Team elects two individuals from within their group to sit on the EMT as the voices and representatives for our athletes. During our EMT monthly meetings, the athlete representatives openly present their ideas and concerns. Without question, our athletes’ input has and continues to be a wonderful addition to our organization’s development and future.
In addition to being an Input Council, our ALPs team also serves as a ready, steady force and resource for volunteer involvement. With endless joy and energy their involvement sustains the tired soul and refreshes, reminds everyone of why we all love Special Olympics.
Through Special Olympics Indiana (our state office) our athletes can pursue extensive training in several curriculums at the state’s ALPs University. Currently athletes can major in:
1. Global Messengers (This curriculum focuses on developing an athlete’s abilities to communicate their passion for Special Olympics in a very broad way to their community)
2. Governance (This curriculum focuses on developing an athlete’s understanding of how to affect change through leadership, management councils and how to play an active role in their local, state and national programs.)
3. Sports(This curriculum focuses on developing an athlete’s desire to impact and support the actual sports activities which makes Special Olympics unique. It’s through this major that Athlete Coaches, Trainers, Officials, volunteers for various games are raised and sanctioned.

*Possibly as soon as 2016, a fourth major will be added, Media Technology, which will provide training for athletes to develop greater understanding of utilizing electronic media to publish and promote the message of Special Olympics.

If you would like more information on how to be a part of our local ALPs program or participate in classes at ALPs University, please contact our ALPs Coordinator, Glenn Palmer @