ALPS Initiative

Athletes on the Board of Directors
One athlete presently serves on the Special Olympics Indiana Board of Directors.

Athletes as Spokespersons
Through the Global Messenger program, athletes undergo training to act as spokespersons on behalf of Special Olympics.

Athletes in Training for Leadership
Athletes are encouraged to participate in the leadership training programs offered through ALPs University.

Athletes as Committee Members
Athletes serve on a variety of local, area, and state committees, Games Management Teams and Games Evaluation Teams.

The statewide Athlete Council is made up of a group of athletes who represent athletes throughout the Indiana by gathering suggestions and developing recommendations for Special Olympics Indiana.

Athletes as Coaches
Through ALPs, athletes receive training to serve as coaches for Special Olympics Indiana sports teams throughout the year.

Athletes as Officials
Through ALPs, athletes receive training to serve as officials for Special Olympics Indiana sporting events throughout the year.

Athletes as Volunteers
Athletes join the volunteer forces of Special Olympics Indiana by helping out with sporting events, fundraising events and other activities throughout the year.

Athletes as Donors
Athletes contribute financially to Special Olympics Indiana in support of State and County Programs and special events.

Athletes as Writers
Athletes contribute to Special Olympics Indiana newsletters.